Best Five Ways You May Be Eligible For Cheaper Auto Insurance (2019)

Five Ways You May Be Eligible For Cheaper Auto Insurance

If you are looking for cheap car insurance, then it is highly recommended that you work with an insurance agent. Agents ask you questions and based on the answers you provide, they can adjust your coverage and find you discounts. In turn, you can make their job easier by being aware of the life changes which affect your car insurance premium.

See where you apply below and find lower rates:

1. Retirees

Retirees typically log fewer miles on the road. This means you may qualify for lower premiums unless you plan to hit the road and travel around the country on your golden years. There are insurance companies that also give specific discounts to retirees. There are even those that offer insurance programs that are user-based, the premiums of which depend on the mileage the driver logs. Older drivers can also take a special course about defensive driving, which may qualify them for additional discounts.

2. Married Individuals

Did you know that most insurance companies charge married individuals lower rates than their single customers? This is particularly true for young couples. There are even companies that offer special discounts for newlywed drivers. You also have the option of adding your partner’s vehicle to your policy, netting you a multi vehicle discount. Be careful, though, as this can work against you if your partner logs a lot of miles or has a terrible driving record.

3. Older Vehicle Owners

After buying a new car, your insurance agent probably recommended you include collision coverage to your policy. Even if you’re at fault, you are covered by your policy and you do not need to worry about the high expenses you would have had to make otherwise. This is wise only for new vehicles. Cars depreciate in value over time. Make sure that the benefits offered by your policy do not cost more than what they are actually worth at the present time.

4. Hybrid Car Owners

More and more insurance companies offer insurance programs for owners of hybrid cars. You may also get lower premiums if your car is all-electric or uses an alternative fuel source such as propane or natural gas.

5. Owners With Cash Surplus

Most car owners pay their premium on a monthly basis, but there are a few that choose to pay it all at once. Most insurance companies actually prefer their customers to pay upfront, and they give huge discounts if you do. You can draw a comparison to making a purchase via cash instead of using a credit card. You must plan carefully beforehand and determine how much your annual premium would cost. Save more money in the long run by skipping those monthly payments.

There are a lot of other ways to get cheap car insurance. Spend ample time researching various insurance companies and the discounts they offer. Keep in mind that most companies offer vehicle, driver and affiliation-based discounts, so work closely with your agent in order to come up with the best deal. When it comes to saving on car insurance rates, it pays to be informed.

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