Senior Car Insurance

Senior Car Insurance

When discussing the issue of senior car insurance, it is important to address a few issues. We get quite a few questions about auto insurance for senior citizens and we feel it’s important to answer some of them.

When it comes to auto insurance for seniors, let us be clear – senior drivers are among the safest drivers on the road. They usually are more experienced than other drivers and in most cases drive much slower and cautiously than younger drivers.
Seniors, once they reach a certain age, may need to have some medical checkups in order to maintain their driver’s license but as long as they do have drivers license, they need to have auto insurance.

We believe seniors should be seeking cheap car insurance just like all drivers should, but mostly because they deserve it. In this post we wish to address the ways that can help them obtain cheap seniors car insurance.

Compare Car Insurance Quotes for Best Deals and Cheaper Insurance Rates

When it comes to senior car insurance it is important to do comparison shopping for cheap car insurance. Most people who don’t compare the different option for cheaper car insurance usually end up paying higher premiums than they should for the same coverage.

Comparing car quotes from different insurance companies and changing them if necessary, is something many senior citizens are not doing, sometimes staying with the same car insurance company for many years and losing money on the way.

Comparing, finding better deals and saving hundreds of dollars a year on their auto insurance bills and thousands of dollars across the years, is something senior drivers should do.
Many insurance companies do offer special plans and discounts for senior drivers, so it is very important to compare several auto insurance companies and check their car insurance rates periodically, preferably once a year.

Car Insurance Companies That Offer Special Policies to Senior Citizens

Many insurance companies specialize or cater to specific markets such as high risk drivers, young drivers, classic and collectible car drivers, etc, offering cheaper rates to the special markets they specialize in insuring.

Many auto insurance companies offer policies that are specifically designed for seniors. There are also companies that offer discounts to seniors who are members of organizations such as AARP.
AAA (American Automobile Association) also caters to senior needs and can be helpful when one is looking for affordable senior car insurance.

Senior drivers do not need to pay higher car insurance rates and compromise on a company that doesn’t offer discounts for seniors with good driving records.
So, as already mentioned, to get best auto insurance for seniors it is important to periodically compare several auto insurance companies and check their car insurance rates for cheaper senior car insurance.

Get Rid Of Unnecessary Coverage for Cheaper Senior Auto Insurance Rates

One of the ways to get cheap car insurance for senior citizens is to get rid of coverage that is not needed. Breakdown coverage or towing is not always necessary if it is covered under an extended vehicle warranty or a roadside assistance program.
These are just two examples where Unnecessary Coverage could be eliminated and help elderly drivers get best senior auto insurance.

Higher Deductibles and Cheaper Senior Car Insurance

Seniors who can afford to Increase the deductible on their car insurance policy can get lower car insurance rates.
Increasing their deductible from $500 to $1,000 for example, can cut fifteen percent of their annual premiums.

Car Safety And Senior Cheap Car Insurance

Alarm or anti-theft systems, anti-lock brakes, air bags and any safety features a vehicle has, can help get the best discounts and cheap senior car insurance.
All auto insurance companies are able to provide the driver with a list of safety devices a car needs and the discounts one can get for the safety devices on a vehicle.

Low-Mileage Driving and Cheaper Senior Auto Insurance Rates

Car insurance companies take into account the mileage one drives. The less one drives – the less a car accident, driving tickets and any other damage will occur – the less claims will probably be claimed and the cheaper the Auto Insurance Rates will be.

Seniors looking for Cheaper Senior Auto Insurance Rates usually drive less than the average driver. They are usually retired, no longer have to commute to work and in general, spend less time on the road. Also, they probably have children that are already adults themselves, so there are no young or high-risk drivers on the senior’s policy. When speaking with the insurence agent about senior car insurance deals and special discounts, It is important to let them know how many miles the car is driven on a monthly/yearly average and also the drivers who are to be listed on the policy.
These factors can help the senior driver get a low-mileage discount or cheaper auto insurance rates.

Driver’s Education and Senior Car Insurance Discounts

Attending driving courses usually helps getting cheaper auto insurance rates.
There are courses that are offered and designed exclusively for senior drivers.

Insurance companies appreciate drivers who attend these classes and reward those that attend them with more affordable car insurance, because they know these classes help older drivers become safer drivers.

Seniors shopping for affordable car insurance should ask about these driving courses since they will help them get cheaper auto insurance rates.

So when comparing car insurance quotes online, it is important not to forget to ask the different agents what driver’s education discounts they offer so they can get cheaper seniors car insurance.

Auto Insurance Quotes and Best Auto Insurance For Seniors

Insurance is a very competitive industry. Taking the time and compare car insurance quotes online for seniors can defiantly result in big savings for the driver.
It is very important to shop around for best senior car insurance and compare auto insurance rates at least once a year. Different insurance companies offer different deals and plans. So it is important to shop around and compare to ensure you get the most affordable auto insurance on the market.

Free Car Insurance Quotes Online Will Help You Save Money On Car Insurance

It is very easy, fast AND FREE to compare car insurance online and get quotes instantly from many different car insurance companies.
Seniors who have problems operating a computer or are not used to use the internet can ask for the help of a friend or some younger member of the family, to help them search online and get instant car insurance quote comparisons.

By entering a zip code, offers seniors the ability to shop and compare auto insurance quotes online from the best car insurance companies in the country. Companies such as Allstate, American National, Erie Insurance, Farmers, Nationwide, Sentry Insurance, State Farm and more, are at your disposal, “at the click of the mouse” helping you find the best, senior car insurance and cheap auto insurance in the market today.

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