Cheap Classic Car Insurance

Cheap Classic Car Insurance

Before we touch the issue of Cheap Classic Car Insurance and try to find the cheapest classic car insurance quote, let us address a few issues regarding classic cars.

A classic car is often a kind of “flash back” of a car owner to his or her years as a child – a vehicle that they usually desired to own but could never buy.

Certainly, this fact combined with the age of the car frequently indicates that not just the car is sentimentally invaluable, but also it is truly worth an incredible deal financially – all the more reason to be sure it is properly covered by a classic car insurance policy.

Cheap Classic Car Insurance Tips

What Car Would Be Considered To Be a Classic Car?

There’s no fixed and concise specific description of a classic car that’s accepted globally, although many agree that any kind of automobile above 20 years old and with a value of appx. $15000 to $25000 could be considered a classic for tax purposes.
Still, the classification of a classic car differs from insurer to insurer.

It is advisable to check before asking for a quote if you are looking for Cheap Classic Car Insurance.
Keep in mind that most classic cars often need far more care than newer and more modern vehicles. It is an issue to think of beforehand as for this reason, sometimes the cheapest classic car insurance may not always be the most suitable policy for what you need or want.

As a rule, classic car insurance is less expensive than the equivalent for a newer car. The fact that a classic car, in most situations, will be maintained much better and driven much less than the newer car will usually cause for less claims being made and are the main causes for Cheap Classic Car Insurance.

How Can You Save On Classic Car Insurance

As with many types of cover, classic car insurance quotes differ considerably from 1 company to another.

It is always advisable to shop around in order to discover the most competitive deals and prices for Cheap Classic Car Insurance.

Limited Mileage Policy

Take into account the limited mileage policy for the vehicle. This policy permits you to set the mileage you might be covered for far lower than the conventional policies, where the premium generally drops and reflects the lowered use of the car.
Take into account, that before taking this type of policy, you ought to check together with your insurer that you would be able, once you come close to reaching the mileage allowed, to change it.

Some More Points To Consider Regarding Cheap Classic Car Insurance

Agreed Value

Also, when the auto is first insured, you need to have the value of the vehicle agreed. – This might cost you and you may have to pay extra for having an independent value done, but doing this will insure which you get the true value of the vehicle once it needs to be written off. It is important that you get the value guaranteed too, because some insurers would not accept it if it’s not guaranteed.

Be sure you could update the agreed value of the vehicle each year too. Many classic and vintage models truly increase in value each year and you could find that it leaves a great difference between the true value of the car and the amount for which it is insured.


Don’t rush with your car insurance decision. Check things out and shop around in order to discover the Cheap Classic Car Insurance. Taking into account all the factors above, can help you obtain the cheapest classic car insurance available.

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