Should you have just bought your first classic car you will need to consider not merely where, but also how you are going to insure it.

As a classic new driver it concerns not if you drive a perfect condition Ford producer Capri 3 litre from 1970, a beat up old Morris Minor from the Sixties or a sleek E-type Jaguar in British racing green, it is essential that you find the best typical car insurance cover your cherished motor, that protects your individual risks at prices that won’t rest the bank!


When you have not owned a classic car before it is important to realise that you have basic dissimilarities between the system known as a standard car insurance policy and the cover offered under one defined as typical, from a specialist car insurer.

The initial thing to create is whether your car is eligible for cover under a classic insurance plan. One way you could do that is ask the earlier owner whether it was covered under a basic car insurance policy and with which insurance company.

Different car insurance policy companies have different definitions of the age and type of vehicles that can be covered under this kind of cover.

What might easily be covered with one provider may be omitted by another. Fortunately most online classic car cover providers provide this information on page one of their websites, so it is simple enough to browse around and check your eligibility with different insurance agencies.

You should check that both the eligibility of the age of the car involved and also whether there are plan restrictions for your specific driving circumstances, such as your age that would stop you from making use of for cover.

The major variation between a standard policy and people proposed by the classic car specialists is in the way that you utilize your classic vehicle, specifically, how much you drive it. The large mainstream insurers and price comparison sites offer cover for older cars but actually will charge an additional premium for its time. They will also weight the premium if replacement unit parts for the vehicle type are considered to be expensive.

More importantly you only will be offered the current their market value replacement if the car is covered under a mainstream policy and is deemed to be a write-off when you claim.

Using a standard car insurance policy on a replacement like for like basis, the value of the car is often set by the market value at the time of a claim, typically taken from one of the vehicle price magazines including the UK’s Glasses Guide. The amount you’re going to be probably get for a write-off will be at the current market value of your vehicle which is an twelve-monthly depreciating amount. Inevitably, if you own a typical car and insure it under a standard plan contract, this brings about under valuation and under insurance of the true value of the car. You will also most likely not be offered the salvage and a repairable classic car may often be regarded a write-off because the price tag on repair is uneconomic to the Insurer.

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