Can I Get Cheaper Car Insurance For Young Drivers?

Can I Get Cheaper Car Insurance For Young Drivers?

Car insurance rates  for young drivers is usually higher compared to what older and more experienced drivers pay for their car insurance.
This is due to the fact that car insurance companies consider young drivers to be riskier than older/experienced drives.  They  posses , according to statistics, greater risks of accidents due to there inexperience on the road as well as being more aggressive and less cautious  than the experienced drivers.
In our post we  already covered some of the issues facing students and young drivers, and what they can do to get their auto insurance rates lower.
In another post we  published, we have addressed this issue once again.

Getting cheap car insurance for young drivers is an issue that concern many young people and their parents alike.

If you’re a young driver paying for your own personal car insurance, include a more mature driver to your plan.
Car Insurance For Young Drivers can become much cheaper when the registrant is an adult.
Accompanied by a more veteran driver on your insurance plan can reduce the monthly premiums.
Just make sure that this individual is willing to be added to your policy and that your vehicle insurance carrier delivers a discount for such situation.

 According to a research done in 2006 there were 202.8 million licensed drivers in the United States, and young drivers, between the ages of 15 and 20 years old, accounted for 6.4 percent (13.0 million) of the total.
There was an increase of 7.2-percent  from the 12.1 million licensed young drivers in 1996.

We don’t have the statistics of how many licensed young drivers there are for the year 2012, but we can safely say that the increase percentage ratio of 7.2-percent in 10 years, is probably similar.
The bottom line is, that there is a very large number of young and new drivers on the streets, and the numbers increase each year.

Here are some pointers to remind you of some ways to get cheaper car insurance for young drivers.

Community Activity
Volunteer and be active at civic or community organizations.There are insurance companies that will reward you for your efforts, so shop around for them.

Good Student Discounts On Car Insurance
Many auto insurance companies offer students that are enrolled full-time in high school, community college
or a university a discount on their car insurance if they maintain a 3.0, or a B average/

No-Claims Discount
Drive safely and reduce your chances of being involved in a car accident.
This can help the young driver earn “no-claims discount” when he or she come to renew their car insurance

Keeping A Clean Record
Self explanatory.

Paying Attention To What Car One Drives
Expensive cars, Sports cars and high performance cars are usually considered to be of higher risk
with insurance companies, and therefore insurance rates are much higher.

Adding Safety Features
Many car insurance companies will reduce rates if the young driver added safety features
to his or her car.
Safety devices such as automatic seat belts, anti-lock breaks, side-impact air bags, etc.
can help get car insurance discounts.

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Lower Insurance Rates For Young Drivers

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Getting cheap car insurance for young drivers is possible.  Looking  for the cheapest car insurance
for young drivers and young adult men and women as well as college students’ is not that difficult.
Following the steps on this post will help young and inexperienced drivers save money and lower there rates.

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